Armel, a musical 2 platformer adventure game. Coming soon for PC
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Faster is a fun casual game based on speed. You only have a few seconds to clear all fish from the screen and you need to follow instructions. The current game has 20 levels, and they get tricky each level with various fish animation.

The story started when the 3 mean brothers decided to challenge each other by using old method of fishing to show off who of them is faster. Then they decided to invite you too to be part of the challenge.

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We create better interaction and communication by connecting all senses together with the various elements. Kimardamina takes pride in conceptualizing and developing our own game titles and new interactive experiences.

We Conceptualize, Develop, Design and assist you with Great User Interface, Great User Experience and a Great communication with the users of you Digital product. We love working with the following tools: Unity3D, Adobe Creative Suit, Html5 and Css3, Codename one, Real Flow Next Limit, Maya Autodesk, Z-Brush Pixology.

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